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So, You want to be a model? how do you begin? where to find a photographer? So many questions and at times can be expensive, getting headshots, finding a manager all eventually take a factor into your modeling career depending how far you want to go.


First off find some free sites to display some images like Model Mayhem.com or One Model Place.com ect... there you can find photographers, make-up artists, hair styists and more to do trades with, It can be hard in the current economy to pay for all the things you need done but that's why they invented Trade For Print (TFP) or Trade For CD (TFCD) ofcourse now we just use E-Mail or memory card but the meaning is still the same. Give your time and permission to the photographer and in turn he/she does your photoshoot for free, you both utilize the images, Win Win, and collabarations can be worked out with everyone as well as making new friends and networking, It's always good to know people, the more connections you can get the better.

Want to see more travel? Go to michaelucero.gallery to view some of my travel images from around the country.

Ok so you got your profile up and are ready to work out a trade, how do you know who to trust? well unfortunately you don't know for sure, talk to them, so here's a few tips weather working with models, photographers, make-up artists ect..., make sure there profile is legit with working email and phone numbers, there should be at least a couple of pictures on there especially if they are a photographer, Get references! talk to other people that have worked with them, be safe and don't be afraid to ask! Sit down with them and talk like a interview and see if your compatible, the more compatible you are the more fun you have and great images come along with it.


And keep in mind you will have to sign a model release, under the age of 18 will have to have parents sign the release. Work out the details with your photographer new photographers come and go all the time so make sure you find one with experience under his/her belt for better results.

Models, when bringing people with you (escort) because your shy or nervous please make sure they understand what the photographer requires of the photo shoot. Photographers don't like hovering! boyfriends that come and stand behind the photographer taking pictures with their phone are very unpleasant and reflect badly on you as well as cause issues with images, when a photographer poses you and takes a picture its owned by the photographer don't get into copyright issues because friends get into the way it could also jeopardizes your chance of getting another shoot.


If your really interested in working with a photographer that may charge see the rates available usually they will have discounted rates for models on the free networking sites,  I happen to give great beginer rates for models and also build portfolios and websites.


Now serious models that have aquired the images they need should also have a website to show agents and casting that your serious about your work, see Pixl Squared.com for personal websites at a discoutned rate, a $99 5 page website you can get for $59 + $1 month hosting for 12 months just mention my name when you call.


Well I hope you enjoyed this weeeks post and by the way all models pictures in this blog post are from TFP shoots, Thanks to all the models featured here and are good luck.



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