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Destination Wedding: Destination Santa Fe

Eric & Ana - Part 1

One day I recieved a call from an old friend saying he was getting married, Wow! That's fantastic! I was so happy for Eric because ever since he met Ana he has been so happy they made the perfect couple, Then the question came will I shoot his wedding? Well as you all know I supposedly stop photographing weddings 3 years ago, My reply: Dude, I don't shoot weddings anymore!, but he ofcourse new the way to my heart and offered to feed me after, Done Brotha! lol so it obviously didnt take much to get me to shoot it so early June I packed my bags and off I went to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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I arrive in New Mexico early and visit family and friends, after all that's were I'm from and still work I drive around Santa Fe and to find spots to shoot and bed down for the night, The next day I come to find out it's a very small wedding, exclusive, only family and very, very close friends, which I also find out why I was invited, I'm so touched I have to start working and stop thinking before I cry.

They are so photogenic everything was perfect that day including the perfect married couple, Eric and Ana your infectious joyous spirits resonate every where you go and I am so glad to have the prevliage to know you both and photograph your special day.


Stay tuned for Part 2 :)



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