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When photographing sports like Little League I try to shoot for the stars!, As a photographer I get caught up on taking great pictures, as a sports fan well you know, Every year put my two loves together to create great images. over time little league pictures have been relatively the same you play on the field and take pictures in the park next to it, so I have gotten a little creative I'm tired of the same old poses and pictures that have been taken since I was a kid and probably a lot longer. I am shooting kids in action like it was major league baseball and portraits on the field like seniors n their last year of school, who says you can't change it up right? There no law to how your 5, 6 or 7 year old ball player can be photographed,

However, there is the unwritten law of men, we want our little players playing their hardest and looking good doing it! We want to say that's my kid hitting that home run on your team or did you see that catch that's my kid, and of course the unwritten law of little boys wanting to be there favorite team player, the hero of the game seeing themselves in breath taking images of flying threw the air or sliding down the dirt to first base or making that game winning catch, this is were boys and men alike get dirty and are glorified for it so be on the look out I'm gonna take over the market with a whole new style of little league images. if your team is interested in photography shot by Michael please contact me for any sport I'm just a phone call away.

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These images are focused on the Auburn little league team "Tin Caps" these are a great group of kids that have a love for the game.



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